Cannon Defense

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online
MMOG mini-game

Game Designer (game flow, integration, ammunition types & behaviors, unlock system, enemy types & behaviors, composition of enemy waves, multi-player difficulty scaling, scoring system, reward system)

Player-made video of Cannon Defense gameplay

Cannon Defense is a castle-defense-type mini-game that was integrated into Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online massively multiplayer online game in June 2010.

Waves of bandit ships are making off with gold from the island towns of Port Royal, Tortuga, and Padres Del Fuego. Up to four players can man Navy cannons to sink the invaders, earning riches and unlocking exciting new ammo types.

A fourteen-person team at Schell Games worked on four PotCO mini-games: Cannon Defense, Fishing, Potion Brewing, and Ship Repair. I was the primary designer on the Cannon Defense game. In addition I collaborated on Ship Repair game design and was involved in world integration, external playtests, and QA for all four games.