Moment of Flight

Ground Zero Dance Company
Performance series

Dancer, Understudy for all dance roles, Choreography documentation (Flash visualization)

Moment of Flight cast running up walls

Moment of Flight, choreographed by Rob Petres of Ground Zero Dance Company, is an intense, 30-minute performance piece celebrating human physical capability. The work gradually builds in power and complexity until the six-member cast is literally running across the steeply-slanted walls of the set in ever-changing patterns.

As dancer and universal understudy, I needed to know my own choreography while being ready to step into any of the other dancers' roles as needed. To keep from becoming disoriented, I had to understand how all the interdependent parts fit together to form the work as a whole, but also be able to switch perspectives and focus on the details of performing a single specific role from beginning to end.

In meeting this challenge, I made myself a resource for others. Over the months of cast training and practice, I documented Petres' developing choreography (including variations between the the two casts) and maintained a website where cast members could catch up on missed information and review their parts. To aid myself and others in visualizing the "big picture," I also created a quick-and-dirty flash animation of the choreography as seen from a bird's-eye view of the stage. I expanded and altered the animation over time as new choreography was completed.

Moment of Flight premiered April 1, 2005 at Live Arts Theater in Charlottesville, VA, to sold-out audiences and standing ovations during an 8-day run.