Darden Media

Commercial multimedia case study applications

Multimedia Designer and Developer (XHTML, CSS, ActionScript 2.0, JavaScript)

Detail of Salinas flash visualization

Darden Media is the in-house design, development, and production team for multimedia case studies at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business.

As a Darden Media designer/developer, I worked closely with faculty members to plan and implement a wide range of web-based applications using text, graphics, video and interactive Flash. Titles I was the sole multimedia developer on include Goddard Space Flight Center: Building A Learning Organization (Media), Hybrid Cars: Responding To New Technology In The Industry (Media), and The Exxon Valdez Revisited: The Untold Story (Media). These educational materials are used by the MBA program at the Darden School of Business and marketed to business schools and organizations around the world.