3-D Animation & Special Effects

Two short animated films


3-D Animation & Special Effects (Fall 2000) was a new project-based course taught by David Luebke at the University of Virginia. This experimental, workload-intensive class was inspired by "Building Virtual Worlds," a course at Carnegie Mellon taught by Randy Pausch, and "Digital Video Special Effects," taught at Georgia Tech by Irfan Essa.

I worked within two interdisciplinary five-person teams to propose, storyboard, film, animate, and edit two short films incorporating three-dimensional computer generated visual effects. My primary tools were Photoshop, Maya, and Premiere. For "20 Years in Green" I created texture art and 3-D models and researched hair special effects. For "Signs of Love" I proposed the original concept, obtained/transported video cameras, sourced and assembled the soundtrack, and shared in scouting locations, creating texture art, 3-D models, and animation, recording video, compositing 3-D animations and video, obtaining sound effects, and doing final editing and rendering.

The following semester, our team submitted "Signs of Love" to the 2001 Salmagundi Film Festival, where it won "Best Entry."