About Me

Laura Lantz

I'm an experience designer who has worked on a variety of products including MMOs, game development platforms, museum exhibits, online games, and multimedia case studies. I also produce and lead engaging public workshops and events, and walk (and occasionally hula hoop) on slack ropes.

My childhood fascination with how people think, learn, and play led me to study cognitive science at the University of Virginia, where I joined Darden Media as a multimedia developer. After earning my Bachelors and creating numerous educational case studies for business grad students, I was one of two U.S. researchers to move to England and establish a high-tech psychology lab under the direction of Dr. Simone Schnall. The knowledge I gained served me well when I returned to the States to attend Carnegie Mellon University, graduating with my Masters in Entertainment Technology in 2009. Shortly afterward I joined Schell Games, where I've worked with a great many talented people to create exciting, innovative experiences. In November 2011 I moved to Seattle, where I continued to work for Schell Games long-distance. After a year and a half of frequent travel between East Coast and West Coast I decided to transition to local projects, and am now currently exploring opportunities in the Seattle area.

I approach design with a mix of analytical and creative problem-solving skills, identifying goals and working flexibly within constraints to reach them. My style is marked by a focus on rapid prototyping and iteration, for demonstrated results.

You can view my LinkedIn profile to learn more, or contact me directly.